Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Enlightener has been available to hand-selected clients for the last 15 years. It was strictly offered to those clients and students who demonstrated that they were ready and able to take their healing into their own hands with great maturity and wisdom. I finally had to concede that it was time to offer them widely to a world in need. That is why we are announcing their availability openly now.

The Enlightener is for serious cleansers who are in touch with their body and it’s rhythms. It is for those who would take the time to study the anatomy of their large intestine and understand how and why waste matter accumulates and the dangers of being septic. The more you know about your colon the more the more expertly you will wield the Enlightener and the more effectively it will work for you.

No, the Enlightener compliments the role of qualified colon hydrotherapists. The Enlightener simply empowers you to ‘self-treat’ when the time is right for you to do so (and it provides the freedom to cleanse deeply for those who may not have a qualified colon hydrotherapist in their area. It was often referred to as “the Liberator” because it liberated the cleanser to cleanse whenever and wherever desired, eventually at no cost as the unit pays for itself after about 5 self-treatments.

I call the Enlightener “the invention of the millennium” because, as far as I’m concerned, there is no other way to address the damage that has accumulated in the modern body and create the conditions in the biological terrain for truly radiant health (as well as the inner peace, clear mind and open-heartedness that also results). This is why it is called “The Enlightener.” As above; so below! It literally and figuratively (physically and spiritually) enlightens. Today’s modern waste matter is saturated with foreign substances. Embedded and accumulated in this modern waste matter we find: pathogens, radiation, heavy metals, mold, parasites, environmental estrogens, GMO foods, medications and a litany of chemicals too extensive to list here. The Enlightener enables us to address the effects of this exposure, which are as numerous as the modern symptoms that stem from them. Nothing compares to colon irrigation – except unfettered access to colon irrigation!

I have been using my Enlightener for over 15 years and it has kept me free of symptoms and free from the effects of ‘normal’ aging. In my mid-40’s, after birthing and raising three children, I enjoy better skin, strength, energy and quickness of mind and spirit than I ever did in my 20’s. Simply put, it has kept me young, free of symptoms and growing ever stronger and better in every way: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically! Those who use it properly echo this experience. I commend you on your understanding of true health that has led you to this moment. I count my lucky stars that I was able to create this and it is one of the greatest highpoints of my life to be able to offer you the same freedom I enjoy.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a payment plan option at large. However, if you are truly in need of a payment plan, please contact us and we will assist you by creating a personalized payment plan.

The total fee includes shipping and handling, however, we have been notified that some clients in some countries have been charged an additional customs fee upon receipt of the parcel.  It’s best to find out the customs guidlines of your country.  Shipping fees are subject to change.

The Enlightener is only new in the sense that we have been able to provide all the parts as one unit now whereas previously, we were only able to provide the tubing and attachment components to our clients and refer them to other companies for the speculum, viewing tube and heavy waste tubing. We have it all in one unit now and it has been streamlined for efficiency. The concept and general operation mechanics has not changed – we believe it has been streamlined & improved though!

Yes, the Enlightener will connect to any water source with the appropriate plumbing. This is to say: the sink, shower, bath, bidet – any fitting plumbing in the bathroom. This is great to keep in mind because sometimes when traveling, the shower head or bath attachment may be the preferable connector. This will all be explained and demonstrated in the videos and supportive forums.

As you can see from the photo, the Enlightener doesn’t take up much space at all. There is only tubing which coils right up. You can fold it (as I do) into a towel and stash it away anywhere. Pulling it out only when you need it. Set up can be done in under a minute.

No, it does not come with a filter. However, should you feel one is necessary based on the quality of your water supply, you may connect one to your water source. There are many excellent water filtration systems and you may even have one running through your home or water source already. I have never used one, despite all the places I have lived and traveled with it. I have never had any problems even in my clean receptive open tissues. If we were to install a truly effective filter, it would drive the cost of the device up significantly. In my experience, I have not missed having one but you must decide this for yourself based on your water quality.

No, the Enlightener is nothing like the Colema Board. You will soon see in the promotional video we are creating…there is no board and nothing to lie on, no bucket of water, no septic mess! The water is carried through a narrow tube (typically from the sink) and into the speculum. You are standing, offsetting the gentle pressure in the water and the waste is carried straight into the toilet through silicon tubing (with viewing tube) into the toilet and into oblivion. Ablutions into oblivion!

The best instructions to illustrate how to use the unit is in a video format which will be provided when you receive your unit as well as photos. You will not be lost or left confused. It is very straightforward and our team is here to help ensure it works for you!

I have to be very careful not to make claims about the unit, so you’ll have to read between the lines of what I’m about to say: a sluggish system is due to defunct peristalsis in the intestine (usually due to long term incorrect diet – namely acidic, mucus-forming food over one’s lifetime, or in the case of a baby’s sluggish system, from their parents’ lifetime and formula, grain based early foods, etc.). When we irrigate the intestine properly (gently, amply & thoroughly) in conjunction with right diet (alkaline-transition diet, which I teach in all my books), we create the conditions for the waste matter to loosen and exit the intestine. The more this ‘exodus of waste’ occurs (the more consistently and frequently colon irrigation and right dietetics are applied in tandem), the more the intestinal tissue comes back to life which results in the body’s natural peristalsis kicking in again. It is a good idea to work with a colon hydrotherapist for the first few sessions and then graduate to the Enlightener when ready. But if a highly skilled colon hydrotherapist is not available, the Enlightener is ready to do the job!

Yes, it is so important, with any kind of colon hydrotherapy that the waste matter in the intestine be ‘primed’ for release. If the waste is not ready to be released there will be little to no outcome.  We prime/ready the release through proper alkaline-transition diet. The dietetic approach that I recommend in all my books is essential to success with the Enlightener. At least 3-5 days of ‘awakening’ diet is essential and goes hand in glove with the use of the Enlightener. Awakening diet means consuming the right balance of highly alkaline substances like fresh, raw green vegetable juices and raw leafy green salads along with neutral and low-acidic foods like cooked vegetables, organic fish, free range eggs, goat cheese, ancient grains like quinoa – all consumed in ideal food combinations (again as outlined thoroughly in my books).  The formula for cleansing never changes: Awaken + Release = Cleansing. To awaken the waste matter and not release it is not cleansing. To utilize colon hydrotherapy and not awaken the waste is not cleansing. Only by awakening AND releasing the waste do we cleans the cells and tissues. When we do this we do not have to focus on cleansing any one particular organ. We are cleansing all the organs because we are cleansing the organism!

A thorough treatment which cleanses the entire length of waste in the large intestine typically takes 60 minutes. However, if you only have 20 or 30 minutes, you can usually release a great deal of waste and feel hugely energized. If you wind up reconstituting waste that does not leave, you may feel a bit sluggish immediately following the treatment. However, that reconstituted waste will very likely move quickly on it’s own the next morning so getting it hydrated will never be a wasted effort.

No, we have provided the surgical ‘pediatric’ or ‘child’ size speculum for you because this size is crucially important given that the device is used in a standing position. I strongly advise against using the ‘adult’ size speculum if you have one because it will place too much pressure on the rectum when you are in this standing position.  Even if the adult size is preferable for you in the traditional gravity fed system, it will not be preferable with this system. The ‘child’ size is ideal for this method which is why we created the Enlightener specifically with it’s exact dimensions.

The Enlightener Is Perfect For Everyone


Professional grade hydrocolon therapy in the comfort of your own home.


Take your unit with you anywhere and never miss an opportunity to cleanse.


Perform your colonic session when it best suits your schedule.


Unlimited colon cleansing at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

The Enlightener

$ 1500    One-time payment
  • Hydrotheraphy at home
  • At your convenience
  • Easy to pack
  • A fraction of the cost


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