Dear Greatest Cleanser,

Thank your for placing your trust in me. I am committed to your transformation and together we will be successful!

I know for a fact that I can help you emerge into the beautiful, strong, confident, vibrant, happy & healthy person you were designed to be (before the toxic world got into your cells, systems & pathways)!

In order to best serve you, kindly respond with as much detail as you can. Your responses will be kept in utmost confidence.

Bear in mind, the ‘formula for cleansing is universal – meaning the concepts I work with work for ALL! My teachings and guidance are based in the sub-atomics of Natural Law. However, at the same time, YOU are unique – carrying your own personal preferences, inclinations, desires, goals, patterns, habits and appetites. The more I know about these, the more I can line you up for success!

I appreciate your unique wiring and the questions below can help me tune into YOU.

Reminder : If you do not have time to complete this questionnaire now it will also be available in your online course portal to complete before we start (You only need to complete this form once)