Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose

Opportunity To Level Up

We’re being given an opportunity to level up right now. I want to explain to you what’s happening and what’s coming. I do this with total humility and just as a messenger with no agenda but to do what I’m here to do: to speak about it and guide where I can.

You’ve heard the Biblical narrative about the farmer, who, when his servant came to him telling him that an enemy had sown weeds in his wheat fields instructed the servant to let the weeds and wheat grow together and only separate them upon harvesting. (Matthew 13:27-30). Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to go all ‘happy clapper’ on you. My days of organized religion are decades past. But I will tell you that this is precisely the time we are in – right here right now, this is the scenario that is upon us.

Humanity is in the midst of being divided sharply: the ones who’s souls are bright, strong & clear and those who are severely compromised. The choice is as different as night and day: to be blind, weak and ignorant, following the mass consciousness to the graves of excess, vanity, insatiable perversions dressed up as common amusement, cowardice, exploitation, indulgence of sensory pleasures & soul-destroying technological addictions OR to gather all whole energetic resources to bring oneself up to embody great strength: of mind, body, character, morality, overcoming and defeating lower inclinations, rising to the highest possible vision of love & selfless, moral leadership.

This is where the road divides. Into the New Year of 2020 go the wheat and the weeds but in entirely different vessels. I’m not being dramatic. You’re watching the world stage and if you get peaceful and clear enough you can certainly see it for yourself.

You’ve seen souls strengthen under these world-stage conditions and you’ve seen souls succumb to the path of least resistance (and you’ve seen souls just buckle and implode under the confounding pressure).

This is a loving (but in no way gentle) call to action. Your beautiful, priceless soul is moving in and among a sea of profound corruption which would like to have you and your soul-energy joined in with it.

Set your bar high – above & away from it. Dedicate yourself to the disciplines required for overcoming anything you do that is hooked into that vile sea we call normalcy, releasing its hold on you, doing everything it takes to walk away from the path of least resistance. Yes, it’s incredibly hard work and it will require a ton of discipline. But the alternative is a loss too great to bear: your beautiful soul’s light. For what? A mediocre life that only seems comfortable if you ignore the truth you constantly suppress?

What’s required of you in this narrow beam of opportunity is a full-scale change of consciousness followed by a full-scale change of routine. You’ll have to train your body like a warrior, your heart like a benevolent regent and your mind with laser-focused purity. Take no nonsense in your thoughts and emotions. Let the past go. Forgive. Move forward with confidence. It’s time to clean up and leave the rubbish to the rubbish bins.

Become pure gold mentally, physically, emotionally & energetically. Stop rolling with anything short of incorruptibility. That’s what’s being asked of us. There’s a narrow window provided to do this. Let’s not be confused for the weeds.

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