Are you ready to come to Cape Town, South Africa and take your whole life to the next level?

Natalia Rose’s 5-Day Intensive Healing Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa begins

June 3, 2019

Book your space today!  Certification included!

This upcoming retreat with Natalia in June at her home in Cape Town, South Africa, is for anyone who wants to heal deeply on every level.  If you are battling with your health or even just working on how to best navigate these challenging times on earth, you will find exactly what you are looking for in this retreat week working personally with Natalia and a very small intimate group of guests.  You will leave feeling totally renewed and reset with all the tools you’ll need to expand on your strides back home.

Where:  Natalia’s Cape Town home

When:  Monday, June 3 – Friday, June 7, 2019

Retreat Fee:  $5,000*


*Flights and accommodation costs are additional.  The retreat fee does NOT include accommodation and transportation costs.

Daily Schedule:  the retreat will begin at 10am or 11am each day, varying upon the unique line-up for that day and will close at either 5pm or 6pm.  You will have training and time with Natalia.  You will be provided with two raw green juices and a mid-day salad each day.  Transportation as a group on our group outings is arranged for you as well.

Please note:  You are encouraged to arrive in Cape Town at least a couple of days before the start date in order to be well-rested for the power-packed week of deep learning and vigorous physical activity!  Please also consider staying in Cape Town for as long as you are able after the retreat concludes so you may experience all that Cape Town and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Accommodation:  we have secured an excellent rate for you at the landmark Cellars Hotel, a beautiful retreat in and of itself, located only a few doors down from Natalia’s home where we will meet each day. You will be picked up from the Cellars and dropped off again by our shuttle every day. There is a fully equipped shopping center in the area should you require anything while you are here.

Advanced NRI Certification: attending the retreat makes you eligible to receive the Advanced NRI Certification, the highest level of NRI counselor, offered ONLY to retreat students.

Secure Your Place Today: Please feel free to contact Kim Wepler via email at or by phone at 330-289-9005 if you have additional questions about the retreat.  The best way to secure your place at the retreat is to purchase using one of the links below. 

Purchase with the links below to hold your place for the upcoming retreat. Please keep in mind we have limited space.  Purchasing a spot by paying in full or choosing a payment plan is the only way to hold your place for the retreat.

Once you decide to come and make your purchase option, our NRI team will be in contact to help facilitate and personally plan your retreat experience. Looking forward to seeing you in cape town. – NRI retreat team


In addition to studying directly with Natalia, there will be:

2-Pay Option

$ 2500 / Per month for 2 months
  • Guarantee Your Spot
  • Work Directly With Natalia
  • Learn From Natalia's Shamans

Single Pay

$ 5000 One time payment
  • Guarantee Your Spot
  • Work Directly With Natalia
  • Learn From Natalia's Shamans


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