NRI Mastery Training Program

This flexible, self-paced course entitles you to register for certification within one calendar year.

You asked and it’s here! It’s time for the brand new NRI Mastery Course – only this time it is being taken to a whole new level!

Get ready to spend three months learning the most cutting-edge nutrition and health knowledge from me, Natalia Rose, while you simultaneously achieve levels of physical excellence you may never have believed possible! Get ready for health and body Mastery!


The Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing

The Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing: 10 Tips for Cleansing introduces beginners to the concepts of cleansing, how their bodies work in terms of eliminating waste, as well as the reasons why just dieting or just juicing is not enough to heal the body.


The Greatest Cleanse

Imagine you are handed the most potent method for physical regeneration that could turn the trajectory of your aging, heavy, tired, sick body around in just seven days. What if, in addition to the method, you had the leading expert in cleansing and regeneration on tap for those seven days to guide you, keeping you inspired, motivated and on track?  Imagine it was simple, affordable, at-home, and would reset your body, mind, energy levels and emotional state as well! Would you do it?


I call the Enlightener “the invention of the millennium” because, as far as I’m concerned, there is no other way to address the damage that has accumulated in the modern body and create the conditions in the biological terrain for truly radiant health (as well as the inner peace, clear mind and open-heartedness that also results). This is why it is called “The Enlightener.” As above; so below! It literally and figuratively (physically and spiritually) enlightens.

A Life of Power: preview workshop

A LIFE OF POWER: PREVIEW WORKSHOP is a three-part introduction to one of Natalia’s most powerful courses, the 28-part A Life of Power. A Life of Power was designed to help you recover and learn to harness your true power, and to teach you all about POWER and ENERGY and how to recover, harness, conduct and increase it, in so doing transforming every aspect of your life. This FREE Preview Workshop introduces you to content and concepts that follow in A Life of Power, which is one of NRI’s premium courses.

Thoughts from the Sauna

Thoughts from the Sauna is a FREE podcast series brought to you by Natalia. The course is comprised of regular podcast messages from Natalia focussing in particular around the world of cleansing, health and fitness, but which will include relationships, career and spiritual messages.


SHINE! MasterMind

SHINE! MasterMind A totally new approach to rebuilding, cleansing, and restoring your body, heart, mind, and soul! Enter into this three-month focused MasterMind and watch your BODY, HEART, MIND & SOUL begin to truly SHINE!


The Exalted Life I & II


The Exalted Life is far more than a course series. It is a new concept for a way of life that is, at last, worthy of your life! This work is so deep and beautiful, liberating and satisfying. At a time when the world around us seems more precarious than ever and causing people to become weak in every way, I am going to make you strong and unshakably powerful! That is my promise to you through the Exalted Life series.

A Life of Power

Harness and recover your POWER physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. This online course is delivered in 24 video training sessions. You’re about to find out how much power is available to you and how it feels to be bathed in energy, clarity and natural joy every day!

24 Stages of power

Wish you had a manual for life? Well, here you go! Natalia takes Universal and Natural Law combined with fundamental insights from wise shamanic teachings to bring you a complete scope of vision to operate from with absolute confidence! Every moment of this power-packed 2 1/2 hour course will arm you with the insights you must have to live an empowered life.

Holiday of Power

8 weeks of coaching to support you through the Holiday Season. This is your ticket to freedom forever with food and emotional eating. Learn how to manage boundaries and food triggers. Bring order back to your life (amidst the chaoes). Discover and use easy tools to ground yourself and stay on track.

pH Detox

Reach and exceed your physical goals today and far into the future with this 8 module audio course. Remove the obstructions that keep you from a perfectly functioning and gorgeous looking body. Once you discover how powerful the results are and how pleasurable the processes can be, you’ll only wish you knew all this sooner!

Extremely Green Detox

Take a leap even farther than you’ve gone before into the world of self-healing, regeneration, natural beauty and weight loss. While it stands on the powerful foundation of all the principles of cellular cleansing, Extremely Green Detox turns the dial way up to ensure we triumph over today’s uniquely toxic environment and the deteriorated state of our biology.

The Vault

Reach and exceed your physical goals today and far into the future with this 8 module audio course. Remove the obstructions that keep you from a perfectly functioning and gorgeous looking body. Once you discover how powerful the results are and how pleasurable the processes can be, you’ll only wish you knew all this sooner!

Spring Triumphant

The Spring Equinox is the day when the finest forces of life stand gathered at the ready to support mankind’s deepest wishes, desires and creative pursuits! It is this day (and not January 1st) which holds all the power to help you manifest your loftiest visions and ideals.  On this first day of Spring, March 19, 2020 (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the days and weeks that follow, you have access to a kind of magical support system propelling you wherever you want to go!

Accelerated Activation


Participate and enjoy a uniquely structured intimate workshop featuring FIVE ‘Power Hours’

3-day Juice Fast

What if you had Natalia Rose and her team to guide you from start to finish? Let Natalia Rose Institute take you on a 3-day cleansing journey that will unblock your internal pathways for deep continued healing and beauty! It’s inexpensive and interactive while providing you with all of the written and audio materials ahead of time! Our live guided juice fast was such a success that we packaged it up and made it available for you to undertake any time!

Power Cleanse

  • The most up-to-date cleansing guidance for everyone at every level and life stage
  • 8 audios addressing the most critical information on modern diesease remediation
  • Critical weight loss information and direction
  • Guidance for achieving unparalleled beauty
  • Clear help for anyone struggling with low energy, exhaustion, brain fog and anxiety

Rose Cleanse

The Guided Rose Cleanse is designed to help you lose unnecessary weight and reduce the physical symptoms that have been plaguing you without subjecting yourself to hard-core, round-the-clock liquid fasting. It is safe for everyone, and has no down-side. It all begins with cleansing the cells, and it is far easier and more pleasurable than you may think! We are here to guide you – no gimmicks, just the lightness and freedom that you have been longing for!

10-day Juice Fast

A 10 day juice fast is the most powerful thing you can do to restructure your body and change your biochemistry. Let Natalia Rose and the Natalia Rose Institute team lead you on this transfiguration journey. By the the 10th day, you will be a whole new person.

The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws

For those of you familiar with Natalia’s work, you know she refers to Universal and Natural Law throughout her teachings.  Finally, Natalia has gathered all of these laws in one useful document for you to reference.  Natalia is happy to offer this information to you for FREE as a registered guest!  Please make sure you have your FREE account set up and enroll below.

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