Extremely Green Detox

The Ideal Raw-Vegan Protocol For Deepest Healing And Beauty

ready to slay pathogens, systemic yeast and chronic illness?

Take a leap even farther than you’ve gone before into the world of self-healing, regeneration, natural beauty and weight loss. While it stands on the powerful foundation of all the principles that has made the Rose Cleanse so loved by so many, Extremely Green Detox™ turns the dial way up to ensure we triumph over today’s uniquely toxic environment and the deteriorated state of our biology.


While this is a course that will require you to ‘step it up,’ you will have such an abundance of inspiration, information and support as you do so.



what egd participants are saying:

Extremely Green Detox has been one of the most powerful vehicles of transformation on every level of my life that I have experienced. The support and expert guidance I received helped me reach levels of health and well-being that I never thought were possible for me. EGD has given me an experience and education to continue and return to again and again. I feel so empowered and connected to life. My gratitude for EGD, Natalia... Joanna, Sam and all of those who participated is boundless.

The Extremely Green Detox has elevated me from a state of comfort to a state of awareness and bliss! I've never felt so calm, clear or focused in my life. Since embarking on this journey I've gained more space in my life to observe it as well as enjoy it moment by moment. I've felt more connected to others around me and a genuine desire to connect. I've also noticed clearer skin and eyes as well as an incredibly contracted body. My appreciation for food has grown and my obsession with it has dropped, as it's become a vehicle for nourishment. Overall, I've had so many breakthroughs as if I've just come out of a fog and can finally be present in my life. I absolutely loved this experience and plan to incorporate many of the key components in my everyday life. Nothing is worth compromising the feeling of a clean celled body and a clear open mind

If you would like to clean up your lifestyle no matter where you at in your detox walk, this would be the place to come. I have never thought that I would sharing such a wonder of wonders to report a weight loss of 23 lbs in just 2 1/2 months. I never thought I could live without my stevia, chocolate or dates. But life is so good to be able to be free of these addictions!! Not to mention that my joints and vitality are incredible. I have been taken to a new spiritual awakening and I am so ready to stay on this incredible journey of life!! So much love and peace comes with this program!!

I had no idea how weighted down I was until I did EGD. I thought my lack of joy was due to my stress at work or my irritations w/ daily life of my having too much on my plate.....what I experienced was that my lack of energy, joy & enjoyment of my life was due to the way I was eating and what I had accumulated in my body from my lifestyle. As I started to clean out the old stuff, and put in good revitalizing foods - I felt 100% better. I had more love to share w/ the people I most care about, including myself. I felt less stressed at work, less irritated & yet I still had all the same responsibilities I did before the cleanse, but I was calmer from the inside out. Its given me back the love I have for living on a daily basis.

My heart called me to take part in the journey with Natalia and the NRI Team. I stand here now as a new person who is still undergoing an amazing transformation, both physically and spiritually. It has made me so much more sensitive in every essence of the word. I've lost weight, my skin is even clearer, my entire face has lit up, and I just feel better. While those are all amazing things, the real change is what's happened inside. I've battled inner demons and social programming, slayed yeast monsters, wrestled with old, buried emotions, and now I'm standing taller. Confident. Brave. If I can change my body, even on a cellular level, then I can change anything. I am free!

Extremely Green Detox Online Course

Starting June 2nd, 2024

Natalia Rose will be hosting a Live Extremely Green Detox Course within the Pure Power Community App
$ 99
  • Participate in a live, supportive six weeks community cleanse starting June 2nd, 2024
  • Gain access to the Extremely Green Detox course
  • Cancel anytime with no obligation
$ 250 One time payment
  • Unlimited Online Access
  • Begin When Ready
  • Self-Paced Learning


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