Natalia’s latest FREE workshop is designed to introduce beginners to the world of cleansing and all that it entails! The Workshop is called, “The Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing: 10 Tips for Cleansing” and it introduces beginners to the concepts of cleansing, how their bodies work in terms of eliminating waste, as well as the reasons why just dieting or just juicing is not enough to heal the body.

Everyone is welcome to sign up for this FREE course, and there are no costs or obligations. It comes to you with Natalia’s love and her hope that you will begin to embrace the full potential of your body’s power.

The course takes the form of two video presentations (see details below) that last for under an hour in total, but which are guaranteed to revolutionize your body, mind and spirit if you follow these principles and adopt them in your life. 




What is true cleansing? 

1Waste equals weight 

2Water is safe for cleansing 

3Cleansing is not about deprivation 

4Your desires, tastes and addictions will change… fast! 

5 Your brain fog will clear and your heart will open 

6True cleansing has clear and fast-lasting results 

7The more you cleanse, the easier it becomes 

8Cleansing has exponential benefits 

9The waste removes heavy metals and pathogens 

10The body wants to heal 



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