Darth Vapor

Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose

CN, Author & Founder

Let’s talk about vaping for a second…I have so many young people in my life (older teens mostly) who are under the illusion that vaping is safe because there’s no tobacco or tar and the nicotine is less. Because of this false misnomer that vaping is safe, young people with no previous addiction to cigarettes take this trendy toy in hand and develop an addiction that’s equally harmful as smoking is in every way. Vaping is so insidious with its sweet flavors and indoor appeal but there is nothing innocuous about it. Here are just a few things vape-smokers can look forward to in both the near & short terms:

1. Weight gain – yes, expect hormonal imbalances from the additives in the vape solutions to result in weight gain and estrogen dominance; 

2. Nicotine induced bone weakness, preceding full blown Osteoporosis;

3. Lung disease, preceded by dry coughing, lung and bronchial inflammation, throat irritation and inexplicable, frequent chest infections;

4. Second-hand vape toxicity from formaldehyde & heavy metals in the vape surrounding air;

5. Brain tumors and compromised blood chemistry from the formaldehyde and heavy metals (cadmium, nickel & lead)  by the vape inhalation;

6. Decreased lung function and increased risk for heart attack due to Nitric Oxide (which is equal to exposure to Nitric Oxide in cigarettes);

7. Countless concerns for babies born to pregnant vaping mothers; and

8. continued addiction to bait, hook, de-bone and fry the next generation.

Don’t buy into any of this ‘safer option’ nonsense. It’s just a sneakier, new twist on addiction and disempowerment repackaged for the younger generation.