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I wanted to address the inclusion of goat cheese, very dark chocolate & organic red wine in my posts & lifestyle. Most of you will know this, but for those who may be new to the guidance I offer, there are some non-alkaline, let’s say, not in and of themselves purely life-generating substances that can have a place in the cleansing process. Depending upon where one is on the bridge between consuming dense, acid foods and a mostly green-leafy diet (and depending upon one’s goals and motivating factors), it is entirely appropriate for some safe non-alkaline foods to be included on the cleansing path. These safe, non-alkaline foods are embraced  in the diet for several reasons: 1. Because without them, a beginner would awaken deep poisons too quickly which would enter the blood stream and cause auto-intoxication followed by re-intoxication. That happens when one goes ‘too clean’ too quickly and we want to avoid that unnecessary pain and potential lost gains. 2. Because it is near impossible to sustain a too-clean diet for long without caving and crashing on every level and 3. To create a joyful, pleasurable experience that enables the deep awakening of acidic waste in the tissues to continue to be expunged over the very long term (as in a lifetime of living a pleasurable cleansing lifestyle). The very long term cleansing is what makes this work most profound. Short term detoxing or even moderate cleansing is not what we’re going for here. We want to create the scenario/conditions in the physiology that enables us to expunge the damage done to our DNA from previous generations which is where the biggest upgrades to our being begin to occur! Otherwise, we just wind up a little better off instead of becoming radically and dramatically restored! For many of us with families and children of all ages to feed, this also requires creating meals/recipes using non-purely alkaline ingredients to make the responsibility of feeding everyone in one’s life harmonious. In my life and for most of my clients, the goat cheese, very dark chocolate and some organic wine were the things that made the dietetics of an otherwise nearly entirely green-leafy diet doable (for almost 20 years in my case and also enabled people to feel I was still someone they could  identify with. If you’re too far off the map you run the risk of no longer being a bridge for others). The inclusion of these items has largely been responsible for my deep cleansing. For this reason, you could even say (at a stretch) that they are actually cleansers because in the big picture they facilitated the powerful long-term cleansing (for me and many others).  In their own way, they have been hugely life-generating as per the sustainability of this journey, despite the fact that as individual substances (if strictly evaluated in a vacuum) they are absolutely acidic. Safe non-alkaline substances are things like wild fish, consciously raised goat & sheep mild products, dark chocolate, organic wines, ancient grains like millet, buckwheat, quinoa, organic/non-GMO  raw corn and even organic cow milk butter and organic moist cow milk cheeses sometimes like buffalo mozzarella and ricotta (because of the high water content). There is even a place for grass-fed beef and game meats depending upon where one is on the transition bridge. As my beloved teacher, Gil Jacobs would always say, “Progress not perfection.” This is how those who come from mainstream diets and even mainstream veganism/vegetarianism progress on the path. If veganism & vegetarianism were so healthy in and of themselves their followers would be asymptomatic. But they are not because they are not successfully deep-tissue cleansing. The trick is knowing when and how to incorporate the “safe poisons” when needed. However, I will say that without colon cleansing, the wine, cheese & dark chocolate would be far less friendly to the process. Anything that ferments is problematic without the support of colon cleansing. Deep tissue cleansing has precise mechanics to it, which I teach in my books and courses. Once you understand the mechanics you understand why some things are encouraged and others discouraged. It makes perfect sense once you understand it all. Otherwise, I can see why it might be confusing. Healing is just not as black & white as “alkaline/non-alkaline” (and yet it is). Becoming clean requires getting a bit dirty along the way…in fact, when done right, it’s a proper sh*t show (just keep it in the colonic tube)!💦 💩💩💩💩🤣👊🍃


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