Salad in Motion

A Salad In Motion Remains In Motion When living foods suddenly enter your stagnant, acid-waste-impacted intestine, you may feel like you swallowed a bunch of expanding jumping beans! By NATALIA ROSE When you launch into a diet high in living foods, you will discover...

Green Lemonade

Natalia's Classic "Green Lemonade" Green juice is at the center of the detox lifestyle! It is alkalinizing, oxygenating, rich with enzymes, minerals and nutrients and pulls waste out of its dormant state, all while bypassing digestion. It is a little miracle drink!...


The Enlightener Hydrotherapy Device Ready To Take Deep Cleansing To Another Level? The Enlightener Empowers You To: Have hydrotherapy cleansing available anytime Save MONEY Save TIME Be able to use your device while traveling Have support from the NRI team Take...


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