Natalia's Classic
"Green Lemonade"

Green juice is at the center of the detox lifestyle! It is alkalinizing, oxygenating, rich with enzymes, minerals and nutrients and pulls waste out of its dormant state, all while bypassing digestion. It is a little miracle drink! Before long, you’ll be craving its green goodness.


Recipe Ingredients:
1 head romaine lettuce or celery
5 to 6 stalks kale (any type)
1 to 2 packets of stevia or liquid Nu Naturals stevia drops (optional, as needed for sweetness)
1 whole organic lemon (you don’t have to peel it)
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh ginger (optional)

Process the vegetables through the juicer by admitting one vegetable at a time through the mouth of the juicer. The fiber will shoot out of the juicer into one container, while the spout will eject the fresh juice into another container. Pour into a large glass and drink! Notice how the lemon really cuts out the “green” taste that most people try to avoid.

Makes 1 serving