The Greatest Cleanse

*New Offering*

7 Day Complete Body Transformation!   Imagine you are handed the most potent method for physical regeneration that could turn the trajectory of your aging, heavy, tired, sick body around in just seven days? What if, in addition to the method you had the leading expert in cleansing and regeneration on tap for those seven days to guide you, keeping you inspired, motivated and on track.  Imagine it was simple, affordable, at-home, and would reset your body, mind, energy levels and emotional state as well! Would you do it?! Welcome to The Greatest Cleanse, designed for this express purpose! Give me 7 days to show you what proper cleansing is capable of! Let’s remediate your symptoms, regenerate your youthfulness, drop your excess weight, ignite your Spirit and set your life on the highest possible path! The Greatest Cleanse is for you if:
  • You’ve been suffering from health, weight or energy issues and want to make those issues a thing of the past!
  • You want the precision of a clinically designed cleanse by the world’s leading deep-tissue cleansing expert.
  • You wish to have the support of a group and leader dedicated with you, supporting and encouraging you whilst also keeping you accountable.
  • You love the idea of resetting your palate and intestine, dramatically reducing food addictions and inflammation throughout the body.
  • You love the idea that by cleansing the body properly you will simultaneously be able to cleanse and clear the undesirable residue in your mind, heart and energy fields.
What you can expect with The Greatest Cleanse:
  • My powerful, one-of-a-kind method of cleansing the body, perfected over the course of my 20 years in my private nutritional practice will enable you to shed your excess weight, rapid-fire - jump started by SEVEN short but powerful days with me!
  • Seven days of live seminars and audio releases from Natalia Rose, CN
  • A detailed eating plan to follow for each of the seven days.
  • Tips and thoughtful guidance to clarify any questions you may have
  • In addition, you will be able to submit personal questions to Natalia which she will answer in the group sessions and/or to you personally depending on the question.
Access to the Greatest Cleanse recorded live broadcasts and recordings in your NRI library long after the live event. Bonus add-ons:
    • Free access to the NRI Course - PhDetox (Valued at $197)
    • Free Ebook: Emotional Eating S.O.S.
    • Free access to the NRI Course - Accelerated Activation (valued at $249)
  All this for just $197 per household Why is this the Greatest Cleanse?
  • The Greatest Cleanse can be done by just about anyone, assuming you have permission from your medical doctor.
  • The Greatest Cleanse is only 7 days. You can do anything for 7 days (again, assuming you have no rare conditions which must be run past your physician).
  • The Greatest Cleanse can be done by anyone of any age (I repeat the above qualifications).
  • The Greatest Cleanse is extremely affordable. Other than a juicer and a very inexpensive enema bag, the ingredient requirements are utterly affordable and will cost you far less than the standard American diet fare.
  • The Greatest Cleanse is simple. You do not need to know how to make fancy recipes or handle food in any but the most rudimentary way. The meals repeat daily. This serves many functions, including lessening the focus of food in your life, ruling over your time, attention, effort and budget. Whilst it is certainly a pleasure to be enjoyed, we have become slaves to variety which has its place but should not feature so much in our lives. We take our power back from the false need for variety. However, make no mistake, the foods you will be consuming methodically over the 7 days will provide an exponentially greater variety of nutrients, enzymes and life force. The net intelligence quotient from the items is in a totally different stratosphere to common foods with all their varieties of ingredients and preparation.
  • The Greatest Cleanse does not require you to measure or weigh your food.
  • The Greatest Cleanse is extremely low in sugar, devoid of animal fleshes, oils and grains, enabling you to quickly end your sugar and starch addictions and rapidly decrease inflammation.
  • The Greatest Cleanse plan includes the two essential, non-negotiable, components of true cleansing: high alkalinity and colon irrigation, you will experience safe, rapid detoxification of impacted waste matter in the quickest possible amount of time.
  • The Greatest Cleanse enables you to go about your life normally, enjoying meal time. You will not be fasting but eating!
  • In 7 days you’ll know you are cleansing. You will have clear, obvious results in the form of weight loss and decreased symptoms.
  • In addition to providing the greatest physical cleanse to you, you will have the opportunity to cleanse great stores of burdensome emotional, mental and energetic obstruction – indeed making this cleanse absolutely thorough. You will safely, gently but effectively sort out the gnarly knots of your life as you undertake this unparalleled method of cleansing.
  • Finally, you will have me, the most seasoned cleansing guide around with over 20 years of personal and professional experience to guide you every step of the way.
* If you are pregnant or nursing, check with me personally so I can adapt the daily intake for your needs or create a different program for you altogether. If you have any other unique requirements, let me know and I can accommodate with personalized adjustments. Once you see what happens in just SEVEN days you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re on the right track and you’ll want to continue the process. I’ll make it easy and you body will show you the results! This is your opportunity to totally transform your life hand-held by me, Natalia Rose, Clinical  Nutritionist and author of 7 books on health & cleansing. Let me show you what you can become when the secret, perfect formula for true physical cleansing has a chance to work on YOU! I’ll guide you every step of the way! All Love & support, Natalia  


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