Exalted Life II

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I have prepared a day of deeper study of The Exalted Life for you!

The first Exalted Life installment zeroed in on the importance of elevating you up and out of ‘the world’ – a mind-field of false perceptions – into the true Source-field of life! I unveiled the 8 Essential Secrets for attaining and embodying an exalted state and it has been absolutely brilliant to witness the transformations you have experienced by applying this rarified knowledge!

Not only did the course exalt you and your life but, once I conferred it, I was gifted with so much more energy, power and knowledge which I am now ready and able to share with you! We all took a great leap and will continue to do so!

I am a great believer in reinforcing key knowledge, so we will begin with a recap and briefly revisit the central secrets that the Exalted Life encapsulates. I know a lot of you have been asking for this so it will be both a reinforcement and a continuation. We will then dive deeply into the strength and power aspects – advanced keys that embody this course.

The Exalted Life is far more than a course series. It is a new concept for a way of life that is, at last, worthy of your life! This work is so deep and beautiful, liberating and satisfying. At a time when the world around us seems more precarious than ever and causing people to become weak in every way, I am going to make you strong and unshakably powerful!

That is my promise to you through the Exalted Life series.

While EL I is not a strict prerequisite to EL II, although it is strongly recommended that you view the material of EL I prior to attending EL II, as the latter will be adding onto the immense foundation established in EL I.

In Exalted Life II you will discover:

  • What strength and power truly mean and how they may be accessed in an extraordinary new way.
  • How you can heal physical issues and emotional trauma that have previously eluded you.
  • The origin of true power and how to correctly wield it.
  • How to release experiences, people and influences that have previously broken your spirit and been a source of deep pain.
  • The value and function of effective discipline and purity.
  • A new and critically important view of sexuality.
  • The importance of sexual purification and how to heal and reset sexually through periods of conscious celibacy.
  • Connections in life you had not realized before which will make you stronger, wiser and more aligned with Source/God-force.
  • Direct, internal ways of connecting with Source Power that will strengthen you and catapult you to higher states of consciousness; and SO much more!

We will have a wonderful time together as we explore and embody this deeper knowledge! 

Course Fee: $379

Much love,



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