It all begins November 15th!
8 Weeks:  Coaching * Workout Video * Sound Healing * Q&As

Welcome to the greatest gift you’ll get this holiday season: the gift of becoming fully empowered through enlightened dietetic practices and spiritual understandings.

Hi, I’m Natalia Rose – a clinical nutritionist in practice for 20 years with 9 books and thousands of clients, readers and students who are soaring like eagles because they have learned directly from me what you are about to learn in Holiday of Power.

The weeks from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve can be so hard to manage for even the most seasoned cleansers. There are so many variables that can sabotage our efforts to grow stronger, clearer, more balanced, clean-celled and generally more empowered and loving at this time of year. Family stressors, emotional triggers, being around people who simply don’t understand this path and a weakened resolve can all conspire to undo the great strides you’ve made this year.  

Wherever you find yourself on your cleansing journey, that’s where we begin…

I have held nothing back in my new course, Holiday of Power.  You need to know everything I have to share with you to prepare yourself for the changes coming to humanity as we usher in January 2020. From our very first session together, you will receive the full scale download of critical information to ensure your success in these unprecedented times.

My plan for your success is two-fold; firstly, I want to see you sail through the holidays making gains in your cleansing success and strengthening your personal power. At a time when most people find themselves weakening to temptations of old food patterns due to an onslaught of interferences (myriad obligations, to-do lists, travel, traffic, family events and all the emotions that go along with it), I will be at your side, ensuring you gain ground rather than lose ground this festive season.  Secondly, there are significant energetic changes developing as we enter January 2020. These changes are going to require us to be our strongest, most clear-minded, lion-hearted selves. This course will fully prepare you for this changing time so you may forge a path of wisdom, strength and harmony with this new energy dynamic.

Whether you are a new student or a veteran-cleanser, the issues over the holidays remain the same – the indulgences are handicapping.  Our weaker inclinations come through causing us to give up on ourselves at the very moment when we most need to confidently and effectively embody the principles of eating cleanly being self actualized.

Many of you make great strides with your health and fitness goals throughout the year only to get DERAILED by the Holidays. 
Perhaps you can relate to this experience, for example:

  1. You can’t seem to stop yourself from eating traditional Holiday foods
  2. You find yourself back in patterns you’ve been trying so hard to break
  3. The Holiday hustle and bustle has become dreadful and exhaustive

It’s okay, we understand and we have the solution. This will be the holiday season through which you Soar with Sovereignty!

What you’ll find with Natalia’s approach is:

  1. A clear understanding of how to manage boundaries and food triggers
  2. Practical guidance on bringing ORDER back into your life (amidst the chaos)
  3. Easy tools to ground yourself and keep yourself on the right track

What’s more, Natalia has arranged for two very special bonus sessions:

BONUS #1.  Meet renown sound therapist, David Kennet who will be sharing a modality used exclusively for his private clients for breaking old, undermining patterns and programs for a new lease on personal freedom and success in life!

BONUS #2.  Learn moves with Natalia’s Karate Sensei and Personal Trainer!  Sensei Bradley will share key exercises with you for a fully fledged 7 week fitness program to go along with the course.

You’ve never been taught about health and fitness like this before.

Natalia grew up in the health and body-conscious Los Angeles, but at a young age flew the nest to attend a boarding school in Virginia.  Here, she was exposed to foods she’d never eaten before – fritters, biscuits and pies – and began putting on weight.  Throughout her teens and early twenties, Natalia struggled with her weight, asthma, skin eruptions, and battled with eating disorders. 

She knew she had to arrest this downward spiral, so Natalia began learning about alternative health and tissue cleansing that opened up a whole new world for her (aka detoxing the body with clean food and colon cleansing). 

When she applied these new concepts to her own life, she began to see and feel major shifts within.  No more cravings, no more skin issues, no more asthma, and an end to the excessive cellulite that plagued her.

Do you struggle with a sense of being out of control.  Do you find yourself unable to stop eating starches?  Do you struggle to stay committed to your health vision through the holidays?

Have you noticed that every time you even think about the Holiday Season, overwhelm and uncomfortable emotions start to bubble up to the surface? As your to-do list grows longer and longer, the dread and resistance begins to set in. With every phone call of a different family member or invitation to another event…you cringe.  Instead of being a joyous celebration of unity, the Holiday Season turns into an endless loop of ‘falling-off-track’ that leaves you feeling bloated and discouraged.

If you are stuck it simply means you are confused and overwhelmed. 
You are asking yourself:

How do I entertain for non-cleansers and still stay true to my path?

What do I tell people about how I’m eating and why I’m not indulging in the typical holiday fare?

How do I keep strong boundaries while still interacting and having fun?

These challenges are your greatest opportunities!  It’s time to master your health  once and for all.  Get a head start on New Year 2020 with renewed vigor and committed intention.

Natalia will guide you with loving support and powerful tools that will keep you eating clean and feeling clear with unwavering resolve.

This is not just a survival guide for the Holiday Season…
this is your ticket to freedom forever with food and emotional eating. 

Here's An Overview for Holiday of Power

Each Friday, beginning November 15th, you’ll get a new audio from Natalia for 8 weeks.

SESSION 1 - Nov 15

Things You Must Know to Thrive In This Modern World

SESSION 2 - Nov 22

Relationships that Rule
Negotiating Complex Dynamics with Family, Friends and Food

SESSION 3 - Nov 29

Q&A #1 Natalia Responds to Your Most Pressing Real Life Questions

SESSION 4 - Dec 6

Transforming ‘Weaknesses’ into Strengths - Becoming Sovereign

SESSION 5 - Dec 13

Q&A #2 Natalia Responds to Your Most Pressing Real Life Questions

SESSION 6 - Dec 20

Becoming Incorruptible in an Increasingly Corrupt World

SESSION 7 - Dec 27

Q&A #3 Natalia Responds to Your Most Pressing Real Life Questions

SESSION 8 - Jan 3

Lifestyles of the 'Rich' & Enlightened - Enter 2020


Sound Healing with David Kennet

David takes you through a process called Emotional Behavioral Reset in which you zero-in on exactly what you wish to create in your life and release emotions that are preventing it from happening.  David also leads you through a special sound meditation that will support you to release self-sabotaging patterns and usher in the life of your dreams.
“Soul Sounding is a transmission of high vibrational energetic tones that help shift you (the listener) into a deeper state of awareness, allowing you to re-member Home. Home is where the Heart is . . . where unconditional love, unlimited joy, and peace reside. This tonal offering has the potential of slowing down if not completely halting confusing mental chatter giving you the opportunity to enter into a timeless state of balance and clarity.” ~ David Kennet
David Kennet is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Allergist, and Vocal Sound Healer/Coach. He is also a Certified Massage Therapist.
Bradley Grant-Smith is a 5th degree black belt and has won mulltiple world champion titles in karate.

Workout with Sensei Bradley

Sensei Bradley leads you through a video workout teaching you moves that will empower you with balance, strength and physical fortitude.  These exercises were created for you to learn and practice 4 days a week during our time together.  You will wake up dormant muscle groups, which in turn, will bring great integrity to your physical structure for both beauty and function.

Bradley is very passionate about people achieving their physical goals through the mind-body connection.  Empowering people to walk tall, Bradley teaches us to know we are capable of taking on challenges physically and also in every aspect of our lives.

Meet Natalia

Natalia is a leading expert on cellular cleansing.  She’s consulted some of the world’s most image conscious actors, models, socialites and media doyens.

Natalia is a graduate of New York University and a Clinical Nutritionist. She is the author of nine books including The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, The New Energy Body, Detox 4 Women, Emotional Eating S.O.S., The Rose Cleanse, Forever Beautiful and The Fresh Energy Cookbook. In her private practice she educates and guides her clients and students about the sovereignty that can be gained through removing blockages in the body, emotions, mind and spirit. She instructs her clients and students in the mechanics of deep cellular cleansing and power.

Natalia has been featured on NBC, FOX News, MSNBC, The View, NPR and in publications such as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Women’s World, First For Women, The Enquirer, Yoga Journal, Hamptons Magazine, Psychology Today, and more.

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What People Are Saying

I feel so grateful for this program. I feel 'enlightened,' more energized, happier (I think people don't fully realize that what they eat can affect their moods), and finally, for the first time in my life, I feel a greater sense of control regarding my eating habits. I've also experienced tremendous improvement with my asthmatic/allergy condition. I am no longer dependent on asthma medication. I am able to run five miles per day and have recently completed a half marathon! Like many others, I've been a yo-yo dieter. Bottom line: I feel so much more alive. Thank you, Natalia.

It has been two and a half months since I've been working with Natalia and I have lost a total of 30 pounds and I'm continuing to lose more weight. But for the first time in my life I am really happy with my weight and myself. This is how I want to eat for the rest of my life. I feel like a new being has emerged! I never dreamed that my body would ever look and feel this healthy. I introduced my family to Natalia's program so all of us can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Natalia, I want to thank you again for changing my life and finally helping me win the battle.

Let's Do This!

Holiday of Power

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I'm Ready To Fully Embrace The Holiday Season!

And Step Into The New Decade With 2020 Vision


Always consult your physician or other health care professional prior to starting this or any other fitness program in order to determine if it is right for you. Do not start this fitness program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising, you should stop immediately. This course offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health
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