Mentorship Certification Preparation Course
September 2022–December 2022

You asked and it’s here! It’s time for the NRI Mastery Course to be offered once again – only this time we’re taking it to a whole new level!

This Mastery Course is designed to catapult you into a level of Masterful Embodiment of the knowledge so that, should you choose, you will have the skills and knowledge to become an NRI Mentor-Professional.


The importance of mentors

What the world needs now is MENTORS, not coaches. Coaching implies direction through verbal cues. MENTORS go far beyond this to embody the cues their clients and loved ones require. The NRI Mentor-Professional leads, instructs and transforms by his or her radiance, clarity and vibration.

It’s not enough to merely know the profound, sacred truths of health, the mind and the heart, nor even to practice them. It is, however, incumbent upon any true student to EMBODY them! When we own them as truly our own, then we are transformed by the precepts and they live in us, working their magic in us and through us all day, every day. When this transformation takes place, all the knowledge is held at our fingertips, in our neuro-network, in the fabric of every aspect and level of our being.

When this shift occurs, we become our own walking, talking, vibrating source for truth and we are no longer at the mercy of external seeking. Imagine embodying health, mind and heart truth so fully that you know you hold everything you need within yourself because you are the proof – the way your body, mind and heart operate is a living testament to your knowledge.


The NRI Masterful Embodiment Mentorship Certification Preparation Course is for you if you wish to:

  • Receive the whole treasure trove of my health teachings, possessing the full, in-depth knowledge behind them.
  • Possess the knowledge that will enable you to transcend illness and grow consistently more youthful.
  • Transform personally as you are learning throughout the duration of the course.
  • Move through life with energy and clarity.
  • Radiate true beauty, both inside and out.
  • Develop deeply fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Consistently operate from a crystal clear mind, body and heart.

Through the process of acquiring this sacred knowledge (which is based on the Universal and Natural principles of LIFE) you will obtain the tools you need to become an unstoppable powerhouse. You will have the opportunity to transcend all that has weighed you down, doing so with clarity and grace.


Finding your purpose

We are not here to be life-long seekers. Rather, we are here to find, apply, prove and exude the treasure trove that we can discover when we seek wisely. You will find the treasure in this course and I will guide you to MASTERFULLY EMBODY it!

Begin this embodiment process with me on September 12, 2022 and, working together, you will see yourself transfigured, owning and reflecting every bit of the knowledge in every atom of your being!!

The NRI Mastery Mentorship Certification Preparation Course is the gift of 22 years of my triumphant journey on the health and spirituality path – a journey that has provided me with nothing short of the Keys to The Kingdom all of which I am ready to fully share with you in Masterful Embodiment!


What will be covered in the MASTERFUL EMBODIMENT Course:

The concepts are the core teachings and they are a big part of what makes this course so incredibly, uniquely special.

  • The mechanics of energy: energy and anti-energy – what this means to your life experience, your health and your power.
  • The connection between alkalinity, electrons, voltage, vitality and healing from a mathematical, scientific framework.
  • The mechanics of health and its requirements, such as flow, lack of obstruction and disconnection. The remedies to this come from understanding precisely how health is derailed.
  • The patterns and fields that govern life and how to support them, preventing them from atrophy and deformation.
  • The unified truths that apply to the upgrading of the body, mind and heart and their practical applications.
  • The principles of relationships, boundaries, personal growth and becoming self-realized/self-actualized.
  • The concept of congestion of the fields: How the body, mind and heart became congested, the effect of this congestion and the importance of the removal of it with a whole systems approach.
  • And MUCH more!


The Body:

  • Principles of health: How acidity and alkalinity work on a sub-atomic level, causing clogging of the tissue and relief of clogging of the tissue respectively.
  • The Fundamentals of Cleansing: The formula for true cleansing and how to ensure the most efficacious, successful cleansing result given all variations of a person’s background, situation and specific health nuances.
  • Advanced Cleansing: How to expunge the deepest cellular waste from the body, where it is sitting and where it is perpetually being created, what to do about it and how to stay the course if/when challenges arise.
  • Illness/Disease: The definitive guide to physical regeneration, including the causes of illness and the specific approaches required to stimulate healing. We will address the vast spectrum of illnesses, zeroing in on all systems of the body, including organ illnesses, cancers and the wisdom (or lack thereof) of various approaches to healing.
  • Diet: The definitive guide to life-generating dietetics, including all food specificities, food combining, cleansing protocols, parasites, candida and other rogue microbe protocols, transition diet for a variety of individuals, healing diet for various disease conditions, weight loss protocols and recipe development.
  • Debunking Myths and Erroneous Misconceptions: We will address every conceivable misconception around cleansing and dietetics, such as the impact of colon irrigation on the gut flora, the requirement for protein and supplements and drinking large quantities of water, as well as the many misunderstood interpretations of what cleansing and purification actually mean.
  • Beauty: Maximizing your own personal beauty through the cleansing and strengthening of your cells and tissues (along with the spiritual laws that will affect beauty to emerge through the purification and strengthening of the mind and heart), the error of modern beauty approaches and how/why to avoid them (and what to replace them with), conditioning around beauty and breaking those programs/conditioning/spells for the ultimate escape from a dis-eased beauty mindset. Triumphing over false beauty with real beauty – a tangible, visible phenomenon that can be yours! Specific product and device recommendations in addition to a complete discussion on essential oils and their usage.
  • Self-care: Determining which products to use for self and for home, what to look for and how to enhance self-care and household cleaning products for higher vibration activation. Practices for purifying and strengthening the three fields.
  • Professional focus: How to transition your clients and what to do in all manner of circumstances.
  • And MUCH more!


The Mind:

  • Removing the lifelong accumulation of debris in the mental field, including erroneous programming and conditioning from a culture that debilitates us and keeps us limited and small, in so doing draining our energy. This will immediately start the process of correcting your thinking which, in turn, will immediately improve your life.
  • Bringing your mind into resonance with the Creator-Consciousness, thereby aligning and attuning your mental field vibration with pure Infinite Intelligence. This practice has a full-scale, knock-on effect upon the body, with a visceral vibratory sensation so you will know it is active and functioning.
  • Guidance for releasing belief systems, thoughts and patterns that prevent you from being mentally crystal clear.
  • Meditations and practices created to support your mind in upgrading toward the Infinite Intelligence/Creator Consciousness vibratory rate, as well as expanding consciousness without using external, medicinal substances.
  • Professional focus: How and when to address the mind-field with your clients or loved ones.


The Heart:

  • Discerning between functional and dysfunctional emotions.
  • Healing the heart: moving past primal pain and a lifetime of hurts, disappointments and despair, while dissolving anger, jealousy, resentment, regret and other debilitating emotions.
  • Restoring and maintaining a high vibration heart field to strong resonance with the Life Force/Infinite Intelligence.
  • Managing difficult relationships with graceful power.
  • The definitive guide to building boundaries and enforcing them.
  • Loving anew… redefining love in true terms.
  • Understanding, developing and embodying ‘self love’ – the best boundary and guarantee of healthy relationships.
  • The power of the heart and its direct effect on the outcomes in your life.
  • Professional focus: Integrating the keys of the heart into client protocols.

The above points merely touch on what we will be covering over the course of our study together. This is the definitive Mastery Course with every ounce of insights, knowledge and guidance for a Masterfully Embodied life… and to prepare you to serve as an NRI Mentor-Professional, if you should so choose to take that powerful direction in your life.


Course duration: September 12, 2022 – December 12, 2022

When: Classes will be held every Monday at 12 noon EST. This time has been selected in order to accommodate students on the West Coast as well as students in Europe. All classes are recorded for students who can’t attend a class.

Class length: Classes will be one hour long, but Natalia is allocating up to 90 minutes per class to cover any delays and to ensure that all content planned for each class is covered each week.

How: The course will be comprised of weekly Zoom classes during which Natalia will deliver the course content. These sessions will be recorded and will be available on your course page on the Tuesday after each Monday class.

Q&A: Students can submit any questions they have at any time and Natalia will provide audio answers to these questions on a fortnightly basis in audio format for all students to learn from. Students who would like their questions kept private or their identity kept private can request so with every question they submit.

Where: Live-Virtually Online meetings conducted through the Zoom platform.

Course Fee: $3,900

• Enrol by August 15th and receive $300 OFF = $3,600.
— Use promo code MEMC_15aug22 when paying to activate this discount.
• Should you need us to arrange a three-tiered payment plan for you (at no extra fee), please call Tara at +1(718) 880-0900.

• Enlightener owners receive $500 OFF = $3,400.
• Enlightener owners who enrol by August 15th will also receive the additional $300 discount = $3,100.
Email for the promo codes.

Please note: The three-month fee includes a completion certificate and makes students eligible for consideration to become an NRI Mentor-Professional. There is an additional fee of $350 for each individual who elects to sit the Mentor-Professional certification exam, an extensive test that will include fieldwork and a private interview process with Natalia Rose. Upon receipt of their credentials from NRI, their services and contact details will be listed on the and websites for a period of one year.

* We reserve the right to change the requirement for being listed
as an NRI Mentor-professional at any given time.


If I have taken one of NRI’s previous certification training courses, will this course be redundant?
No, in the big picture it will be complementary to the previous courses because it will vastly expand on the work I taught up until 2014, when I offered my last Mastery course. Like previous NRI Mastery courses, this one will cover the full spectrum of the dietetics of cleansing and the science of life force in the body, but it will go into far greater detail, revisiting that material while connecting that core knowledge with the essential knowledge and practices to provide cleaning and strengthening to the mind and heart for a completely balanced being.

Since this work originated with physical cleansing and dietetics, will there be thorough teaching in that area?
Yes. My students are most interested in learning the dietetic and cleansing details for healing and regenerating the body. This will be absolutely comprehensive, and intrinsic to the fabric of the course.

Is the course for me if I do not have or plan on having a wellness practice?
The course is for anyone who wishes to learn and embody this work, regardless of their professional interests.

What if I fall behind with the course material?
You may study at your own pace, catching up and rewatching the Zoom calls and Q&A audios in your own time. You may take your test when you are ready to take it, and it will be an ‘open book’ test. You may take your time when it comes to completing your field test work; you have up to one year starting from January 2023.

Is this only for advanced students of cleansing?
Absolutely anyone called to know and embody this work is welcome in this course.

Will you be able to answer detailed questions about the knowledge that comes up for us as we go through the course?
Yes, I will collect your questions weekly and respond to all of them via an audio file that will be provided to you on a weekly basis.

What if I cannot attend the live Zoom sessions?
All the Zoom sessions will be recorded and will be added to your course page for viewing anytime. Please note that it may take a day or two to be loaded onto your course page.

Will there be a community component?
Yes! Not only that, but we will also have several advanced students designated to help address community questions and to lend support in general.


Always consult your physician or other health care professional prior to starting this or any other fitness program in order to determine if it is right for you. Do not start this fitness program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising, you should stop immediately. This course offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health
care professional. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional due to something you may have encountered
here. The use of any information provided here is solely and strictly at your own risk.