Here's my beef with fruit:

First, let me say that I feel so fortunate that we have this community, made up of such outstanding people who articulate their thoughts so clearly and in such a collectively beneficial spirit. 

A few people left great comments about fruit and how much they love the inclusion of fruit in their diet. That is totally cool. If fruit is working for you – as it does for many people depending on age, gender, length of time cleansing, etc., then carry on with it.  I was a huge fan of fruit in my first decade of cleansing. Remember that I am just a guide. You must do what works for you and to determine what that is takes a great deal of experimentation and discretion on your part.

Let me take a quick second to spotlight why I avoid fruit personally and guide the vast majority of my clients away from fruit. But please note, as you read this that this is in no way to debate whether fruit works for you. It is simply what I have come to based on my personal and professional journey.   Fruit lovers, please carry on so long as fruit loves you back.  The following is specifically for those for whom fruit may be undermining their health goals or who may find that while fruit works presently, it may not be ideal at a future juncture.  With all that contextualized, here’s my beef with fruit:

1. Fruit that we obtain in supermarkets today is not the wild fruit that was growing hundreds of years ago (or even the relatively benign variety of 30 or more years ago). Today’s fruit is highly inclined toward mold, degenerated to an almost indistinguishable degree from it’s original state, extensively hybridized to be more or less merely sugar and water in a colorful container.

2. Today’s fruit is largely seedless and therefore without the life force it was designed to conduct.  Fresh, raw fruit as it grew wildly before the advent of the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago was without a doubt the perfect food for humans. That does not mean that the grocery store fruits circa 2019 are remotely equal.

3. The human bio-terrain, like the post-agricultural revolution terrain is primed for mold and parasites which feed off and proliferate when mixed with any form of sugar.  This makes all sugars, even raw fruit sugars problematic for the vast majority of modern people.

4. Modern humans are highly estrogenic due to both excessive exposure to environmental estrogens as well as personal hormone secretion running amok.  Estrogen breeds yeasts like candida which cause too many problems to mention here — but they all feed on sugars. Estrogen dominance used to be a mainly female issue but today it is gaining on men as well.

5. In a world where nearly ½ of the western population is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (which means just as many if not more are walking around with a precancerous proclivity toward fungus in the body), fruit sadly is a great danger as it feeds fungus.

All in, if you’re including fruit to a degree that seems to be suiting you, I say be cautiously optimistic.  If you are living in a highly alkaline environment and you know you are not estrogen dominant, you know you are not hosting parasites or home to heavy metals (say you’ve chelated them and you eat an otherwise clean diet with no processed foods, low starch, etc. and hang your hat far from cities and cell phone towers), and (here’s the biggie now…you ready) you’re totally asymptomatic (meaning you don’t get any symptoms – no headaches, no tooth sensitivities, no joint pain, you sleep soundly, etc.), then okay, include the fruits you love and try to not just get organic fruit but procure wild fruits. If you’re symptomatic, no fruit and no sugars other than pure raw, fresh green leaf-ground stevia (not processed stevia’s). Sorry, but that’s the tough love hard truth.

These are modern conditions we’re contending with. We are modern people; we are doing the clean up work for many generations on ourselves and our communities.  And just promise yourselves this: be flexible enough to change when something stops working for you – and be in tune with yourselves enough to know the moment that happens.

Now, if you are a female, living in acidic conditions (cities/suburbs, with stress, typical Western dietetic history, have taken the pill, been vaccinated, had many a series of antibiotics in your lifetime, take pharmaceuticals, get migraines, experience heavy, difficult menses, are moody or over 35 and trying to loose weight, definitely consider nixing fruit completely.

I hope that was helpful!


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